Van Dinh communal house

Van Dinh village, Ninh Phu commune, Ninh Hoa town

  • Certification: 230824104454
  • Provincial monuments

Dinh Van Dinh is located in Van Dinh village, Ninh Phu commune, Ninh Hoa town. The communal house was formed around the beginning of the 19th century, when it was first established, the communal house was named "Van Hoa communal house"; In the reign of King Tu Duc 33 (1880), the village was named Van Dinh, so the name of the communal house was called "Van Dinh communal house"; until the 2nd reign of King Thanh Thai (1890), called "Van Dinh Ha" village / communal house and from 1975 until now called Van Dinh village / communal house.

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Van Dinh Communal House worships the village's Thanh Hoang, the former sage, the later sage, the thog...
The great communal house was built in the most typeface (-); The porch of the communal house is the front hall and is connected to the main hall; The front of the roof system is embossed with the words (亭定 文) "Van Dinh Dinh", the top is decorated with the image of "Two dragons adoring the day". In the main hall hangs a picture of a horizontal phoenix written in Chinese Nom: “申 天 自 福” (Phuoc Tu Thien Than, meaning: blessing from heaven); In the middle, there are three altars: the altar to worship God in the middle, the two sides are the altar of Tien Hien and Tho Cong.
The two sides of the great communal house are the east and west houses, with a simple architectural structure, roofed with western tiles. The western house worships the Tien Linh and 12 altars to the Cao To in the village.

Today, Van Dinh communal house still preserves relics and antiquities: Hoanh Phi, drums, gongs and 05 ordinations of the Nguyen kings bestowed on Thanh Hoang including: Sac consecration of Tu Duc in the 5th year (1852), Sac. Ordained Tu Duc in the 33rd year (1880), ordained Dong Khanh in the 2nd year (1887), ordained Duy Tan in the 3rd year (1909), and ordained Khai Dinh in the 5th year (1924).
The communal house has undergone many renovations: In 1960, the roof was repaired; 1969, repaired and embellished; 1972, rebuilt with bricks, cement; in 1991, embellished, painted, and mounted mascots on the roof system; in 2004, remodeled the house here; In 2006, the east house was remodeled.
Every year, Van Dinh communal house organizes a festival in the spring in two days, February 15 and 16 (lunar calendar).
During the two resistance wars against the French colonialists and the American imperialists, a number of local historical events took place at the communal house: the communal house of Van Dinh village was the site of the construction of a secret cellar for revolutionary activities, concealing the rolling mill. revolutionary ministry, circulate leaflets, transmit information, hide food, medicine and weapons for Hon Heo war zone.

Recognizing the historical, cultural and scientific values of the relic, on December 5, 2013, Van Dinh communal house was ranked as a provincial relic by the People's Committee of Khanh Hoa province, in Decision No. 3098/QD. - CT.UBND.