Trung Dong communal house

Trung Dung village, Van Binh commune, Van Ninh district, Khanh Hoa province

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  • Provincial monuments

In the early days of reclaiming and establishing a village, Trung Dung village was named Trung An, a subsidiary commune (the land of Cay Chua, Co Chi) belonging to Ha canton, Quang Phuoc district, Binh Hoa ward, Khanh Hoa province[1].  Based on the ordination, we can guess the date of Trung Dung communal house in the early 19th century, at that time it was named Trung An communal house.  In the 33rd year of King Tu Duc's reign (1880), the relic was named Trung Dung communal house and has been kept since then.

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Trung Dung communal house is located in Trung Dung village, Van Binh commune, Van Ninh district, Khanh Hoa province. Trung Dung communal house was built to worship Thanh Hoang, Hau Tho, Son Lam, general lord, Ha Ba, Tien Hien - Hau sage, and negative souls.

Trung Duong communal house is located in an area of 2,978.9m², with many large star trees (1m in diameter) dating back about 400-600 years.

Chính điện đình Trung Dõng Vạn Ninh

Overview of Trung Duong communal house

At the beginning, the communal house was built with simple materials available in nature such as bamboo, earthen walls, and thatched roofs. In 1838, villagers contributed their efforts and money to rebuild the communal house with the current architectural scale. Over a long period of existence, along with the harsh weather and war, Trung Duong communal house has been restored many times in the years: 1838, 1955, 1984, 1993. However, Trung Duong communal house is still kept. The traditional architectural features of the traditional communal house in Khanh Hoa: Four pillars with ancient floors,  structure for the roof in the style of truss, residual head carved in the shape of a dragon's head, wooden poles decorated with dragons winding around the body of the column. , on the roof is embossed with the image of "Two dragons adoring the sun",  on the wall is decorated with the classic "Eight fairy"...

The difference of Trung Duong communal house architecture compared to other communal houses in the province is that the traditional craft village of Trung Duong pottery is vividly expressed through mascots, legends are all made of celadon ceramics and recorded in the national treasures. local material, well known.

From the outside looking in, the relic has main construction items such as: Nghi Mon, Phong Nha, Pre-Sacrificial - Main Hall, Ba Hau Tho Temple (Eastern house), Tien Hien - Hau Hien Temple (Western House), Son Lam Temple, Ha Ba Temple.

Trung Dung communal house still preserves the horizontal concubines, couplets, altars and 04 ordinations of the Nguyen kings bestowed on Thanh Hoang:
- November 29, reign of King Tu Duc, year 5 (1852);
- November 24, reign of King Tu Duc, year 33 (1880);
- July 1, King Dong Khanh's 2nd year (1887);
- August 11th of the reign of King Duy Tan in the 3rd year (1909).

Every year, Trung Dung communal house opens a communal house festival on the occasion of "Spring and Autumn, the second period". The Spring Festival is held on the 12th of the third lunar month, and the Fall Festival is on the 12th of the 8th lunar month. Normally, every "Three Years of Jubilee" the communal house organizes boi singing for 2 days and 2 nights.

Trung Dung Communal House was the local revolutionary base during the two periods of resistance against the French and the American imperialists, a place to meet and organize the forces of the Viet Minh Front in Van Binh commune to prepare for the uprising to gain power. rights took place on the night of August 13 and 14, 1945; dispensaries, field hospitals to treat wounded and sick soldiers of the district in the years 1946-1947[2]; the place where the first National Assembly election ballot box of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam is located locally; where to open "popular academic" classes for people in the commune.

Recognizing the values of the relic, on December 5, 2013, Khanh Hoa Provincial People's Committee ranked Trung Duong communal house as a provincial historical and cultural relic in Decision No. 3097/QD-CT.UBND.

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