Thien Buu pagoda

Binh Thanh village, Ninh Binh commune, Ninh Hoa town, Khanh Hoa province

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  • Provincial monuments

Thien Buu Pagoda is located in Binh Thanh village, Ninh Binh commune, Ninh Hoa town, Khanh Hoa province. The pagoda is also known as Ky Pagoda, because it has held many Truong Ky (Precepts and Precepts). The first Truong Ky at Thien Buu Communal House in 1934, was the earliest precepts in Khanh Hoa to transmit the precepts to the monks in 4 provinces: Khanh Hoa, Phu Yen, Binh Dinh and Ninh Thuan. Besides, the pagoda is also called Thien Buu Ha, to distinguish it from Thien Buu Thuong pagoda because two Thien Buu pagodas and the same patriarch opened the mountain.

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Through studying the historical documents kept at the pagoda, about 300 years ago, on the right bank of Dinh river was a flat land (known as forest land) flat, fertile, sparsely populated with many trees. The ancient trees are dense, green, the landscape is clear and pure, suitable for the Zen forest place. Therefore, Zen master Te Hien - Buu Duong, after establishing and opening Thien Buu Thuong pagoda (Diem Tinh village, Ninh Phung commune) around 1725, he wandered around, down the Lot river to this land, Seeing the land with beautiful terrain, forests, and rivers, the Zen master was traumatized and started a temple named Thien Buu pagoda to practice and propagate the Buddhadharma.

Roof system of Thien Buu Pagoda

Since its inception, Thien Buu Pagoda has undergone many abbots and renovations:

Zen master Dai Tri - Phuoc Khanh, 37th generation, Lieu Quan Zen sect restored Thien Buu Pagoda for the first time. Zen master Ngo Huong - Pho Nhan is the 39th disciple of the Lam Te Zen sect, the lineage of To Dinh Tuyet Phong, restored the temple for the second time in (1948-1952), the main hall was built solidly of bricks. , roof. Most Venerable Tam Phuoc – Hanh Hai, 43rd generation, Lam Te Zen sect, Lieu Quan lineage, abbot of the pagoda from 1956 to 1998; In 1962, the Venerable Master ordered the pagoda to be repaired. Most Venerable Thich Ngo Tanh, dharma name Quang Thuong, alias Hong Duc is a disciple of the 45th generation of the Lieu Quan Zen sect, abbot of the temple from 1998 to present; In 2001, the monk allowed the temple to be overhauled.

Thien Buu Pagoda is one of the temples that save many characters and events related to the formation and development of Buddhism in Khanh Hoa in particular and in the South in general, such as Zen Master Te Hien - Buu Duong has been credited with promoting the Buddhadharma in Khanh Hoa and the southern region; Zen master Lieu Buu - Hue Than was given the World Sword - Do Diep by King Minh Mang; Most Venerable Tam Phuoc - Hanh Hai was instrumental in establishing the Khanh Hoa Sangha; Most Venerable Thich Ngo Tanh opened the Primary School of Buddhism in Ninh Hoa district to train monks and nuns...

Thien Buu Pagoda is located on a flat land, with an area of 9,890.1m2, with the front facing Southeast.

Overview of Thien Buu Temple

From the outside to the inside, Thien Buu Pagoda has the following overall layout: Tam Quan, front hall, Buddha hall, ancestral house, Quan Am station, bell tower, groom's house, drum attic, lecture hall, family house, etc. To Te Hien tower - Buu Duong[1]. With an airy and tranquil landscape space and majestically designed architectural works, creating a unique harmony with typical typical pagoda architecture in Khanh Hoa province.

Every year, Thien Buu Pagoda organizes major holidays: Ky An Year of the Year (Full Moon of the first lunar month), Buddha's Birthday (Full Moon of April in lunar calendar), Vu Lan Festival (Full Moon of the 7th lunar month).

Recognizing the typical historical and cultural values of Thien Buu Pagoda, Khanh Hoa Provincial People's Committee issued Decision No. 3562/QD-TC.UBND, on November 24, 2017, ranking it as a provincial relic.

Nguyen Chi Khai

[1] The ancestral tower is not located in the temple grounds, but is located in the tomb of Diem Tinh village, Ninh Phung commune.