Quang Dong communal house

Quang Dong village, Ninh Dong commune, Ninh Hoa, Khanh Hoa

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  • Provincial monuments

Quang Dong communal house is located in Quang Dong village, Ninh Dong commune, Ninh Hoa town, Khanh Hoa province.

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About the name, the name of the communal house comes from taking the name Quang Dong village to give the communal house. Previously, the village was originally named "Quan Dong"[1], however, now in oral and administrative documents, the word "Quang Dong" is used, so the relic is also called after the village name Quang communal house. Winter.

Regarding the historical context of the village, according to the memory of the local old man, when the land was first reclaimed and opened, from the area of Quang Dong village to Go Dinh (Phu Van village, Ninh Trung commune) was a vast sea area. 5-7m deep underground, people see anchors and chains like in Go Tau area (Ninh Hiep ward). The first people to come to Quang Dong village to reclaim and establish a village are residents from the northern provinces, they often choose hilly places, high places along the coast or along the canals to facilitate travel. as well as livelihood. After choosing a favorable location to settle down, residents proceeded to choose a good land location for agricultural cultivation, which is a purely agricultural country, so from the very beginning, people knew how to "dig ditches on the floor". in cultivation. Since then, it has dominated the selection of the common deity of the village and Ban Canh Thanh Hoang is considered the main god of the pure agricultural village of Quang Dong[2].

In terms of chronology, based on the earliest ordination that King Tu Duc in the 5th year (1852) bestowed on Quang Dong village and worshiped at the village communal house, it is possible to determine the relative age of the relic at the end of the century. XVIII.

Currently, Quang Dong communal house still preserves 05 ordinations of the Nguyen kings bestowed on Ban Canh Thanh Hoang under the following dynasties:
- The 5th year of King Tu Duc's reign (1852);
- The 33rd year of Emperor Tu Duc's reign (1880);
- Emperor Dong Khanh's 2nd year (1886);
- The reign of King Duy Tan in the 3rd year (1909);
- The reign of King Khai Dinh in the 9th year (1924).

Quang Dong communal house was built to worship Ban Canh Thanh Hoang, Tien Hien, Son Lam lord, Ly Nhi worship god, shepherd, and statue.

Since its inception, Quang Dong communal house has undergone many years of renovation such as: 1912, 1973, 2003, 2008.

In terms of architecture, Quang Dong Communal House is located in the middle of a field, in a campus with a total area of 2,685m2, the front facing southwest. From the outside to the inside, Quang Dong communal house has an overall layout including: Nghi mon, feng shui, great communal house (Tien Sac and main hall), Muc Dong temple, Muc Tuong temple, the east house, the kitchen, and the Am Soul temple. , the sage house.

The highlight of the relic is the traditional wooden frame structure system, which is still preserved relatively intact and fully according to traditional principles. The entire wooden frame structure of the main hall consists of 30 columns with 5 rows of pillars. The main hall has a structure of 02 sets because it forms a compartment with 02 wings with 04 female columns (perimeter 97cm), 12 columns (perimeter 92cm), 14 porch columns (built into the wall). On the 4 female columns draw a dragon drawing around the body of the column, the head turns down very vividly. The extra ends are also carved in the shape of a dragon's head.

Decorated on architecture rich in themes and diverse in genres with classics and classics such as: in front of the sacrifice are the mascots of the red horse, the pine tree, the phoenix…; In the main hall are paintings "Flower bird" (Bird and flower), "Lien Ap" (Lotus duck), "Phoenix". The altars are decorated with paintings: dancing phoenix, dragon horse, turtle, carp. The altars: God, Council, Ta ban, Huu ban are made of stone and decorated with bats and flowers. The altar "Son Lam Lord General" is painted with a golden tiger. The altar "Ly Er worships the god" depicts an elephant.

Every year, the people of Quang Dong village hold the Quang Dong communal house festival on January 16 and 17. This is Ky Yen (Praying for Peace) festival, which takes place for 2 days and 1 night. In addition, Quang Dong communal house also has other worshiping ceremonies such as: Tiet Thanh Minh, vassal Thanh Hoang (May 11 of lunar calendar), death anniversary of Tien Hien (August 12 of lunar calendar) and Lunar New Year.

From the tangible and intangible cultural values of Quang Dong communal house, on November 18, 2008, Khanh Hoa Provincial People's Committee issued Decision No. 2847/QD-UBND ranking Quang Dong communal house relic as a historical relic - provincial culture.

[1] This name is found in Han Nom documents and the ordained identities bestowed by the Nguyen kings to the village are worshiped at Quang Dong communal house.
[2] See also the contents of the ordinations of this record.