Phuoc Ly communal house

Phuoc Ly village, Ninh Binh commune, Ninh Hoa town, Khanh Hoa province

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  • Provincial monuments

Phuoc Ly communal house is located in Phuoc Ly village, Ninh Binh commune, Ninh Hoa town, Khanh Hoa province.

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Based on the earliest ordination of King Thanh Thai in the 2nd year (1890), ordaining Thien Y A Na Dien Ngoc Phi, Phuoc Ly communal house was built around the middle of the 19th century.
Phuoc Ly Communal House worships Thanh Hoang and worships Thien Y A Na Dien Ngoc Phi, Son Lam Lord General, Ngu Phuong Tai Than, Shen Nong Viem De, Tien Hien...
Phuoc Ly Communal House faces the West, located in an area of 870.0m2. The overall layout of the premises is as follows: Nghi Mon, flagpole, plan of worship, Temple of Son Lam Lord General, Temple of Ngu Phuong Tai Than, great communal house, east house, west house, tru house.

The overall plan of Phuoc Ly communal house

The great hall consists of the main hall and the money. The front of the main hall is the sacrifice, decorated with a pattern of a book of letters written in Han Nom: (亭 福 履  -  Dinh Phuoc Ly); On the columns, write couplets in Han Nom characters, in which the first pair of couplets are combined to form the communal house name:
Prosperous progress, rich life, Khuong Ninh is equal to victory,
The reason is that the ancient peasants and workers are famous for their reputation.
Prosperity advances auspicious, rich life Khuong Ninh thanks to victory,
Ly (Luc) followed fortune, the ancient peasants and workers became famous.

Since its inception, Phuoc Ly communal house has undergone restoration and embellishment as follows: At the end of the 19th century, the communal house was rebuilt with bricks, roofed with yin and yang tiles; in 1972, yin and yang tiles were replaced by western tiles; year 2000, building the subject.
Currently, Phuoc Ly communal house still preserves 03 ordinations bestowed by the Nguyen kings:
- Ordained King Thanh Thai in the 2nd year (1890) and conferred on Thien Y A Na Dien Ngoc Phi.
- Ordained King Duy Tan in the 5th year (1911) and conferred on Thanh Hoang.
- Emperor Khai Dinh in the 9th year (1924) conferred the title on Thanh Hoang.

Every year, Phuoc Ly communal house holds a festival in two days, February 16 and 17 (lunar calendar); In which, there is a procession of the scepter from the temple to the communal house and the return of the scepter to keep it in the temple.
During the two resistance wars against the French and American invasions, the communal house was the place where a number of local historical events took place, the site of revolutionary activities of the Viet Minh Committee, where a number of young people formed a team. Self-defense prepares to revolt to seize power. In particular, the communal house still preserves the mule used as a signal in the uprising to seize the August 1945 revolutionary power in the locality.
Based on the typical values of history - culture and architecture, Phuoc Ly communal house was ranked a provincial relic by the Provincial People's Committee in Decision No. 2630/QD-CT.UBND, dated October 14, 2010.